Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ratings, Ratings, Ratings...

Don't we all love ratings. Now in seeing these numbers , PLEASE , PLEASE don't give up on working toward electing Democrats to office representing the great state of Wyoming. It is possible. We must change our way of talking to the voters. We can do it. (ok..enough of the pep talk -- here are the numbers...)

Thomas Craig: 60% Apprrove 25% Disapprove
Michael Enzi: 62% Apprrove 23% Disapprove

George Bush: 58% Apprrove 38% Disapprove

(Here and here is entire data set)

Wyoming Inc.

"Some people call lobbyists the fourth branch of government (because) they have a heavy hand in legislation. If they're doing the public's work, the public should know about the lobbyists."

Do we really want a state that is run by out-of-state corporations? With interests only in getting money into their coffers.

Are we surprised?

Wyoming residents should be appalled at the neglet corporations treat their state.

"Taxpayers are shouldering an unjust burden when it comes to cleaning up after oil and gas companies on public and private lands.

"companies could saddle taxpayers and landowners with millions of dollars of cleanup liability,"

"the oil and gas industry's... liability for unfunded reclamation is in the tens of billions."

Wright, Wyo.

The devastation that Wright expereinced recently is horrific. Gov. Dave Freudenthal will visit Wright today to witness the devastation from Friday's tornado and has filed a request for a presidential disaster declaration through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to a release.

Sen. Craig will visit Wright with the Governor
Sen. Enzi visited on Sunday
Rep. Cubin visited Monday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Vaporized Booze?!

The state Legislature will consider a bill banning so-called alcohol inhaling machines, a device popular on college campuses for getting drunk fast without drinking.

Really? Wow, we didn't even know these existed.

Montana's Schweitzer -- Wyoming's Golden model

Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana has shown us the language that needs to be used when talking to mountain west democrats/constituents. Ranchers don't like the corporate control over their lands, and the coal miners still want to mine. So how about this:

"We cannot govern this country depending on Washington D.C. Washington is a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate America."

and this:

"If you want energy in this country, look inside this country. We need a hydrogen economy - not fifty years from now, fifteen years from now."

Thank you Kari over at westerdemocrat for pointing this out!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Our Condolences.

A 20-year-old soldier with Wyoming ties was killed Sunday by an explosive device in Taji, Iraq.

Army Spc. Seferino J. Reyna of Phoenix leaves behind a young wife and two children.

Wyoming shouldn't let Rep. Barbara Cubin (R-WY) have it both ways.

Rep. Barbara Cubin (R-WY) should be held accountable for her complete disregard for the ranchers and farmers of the great state of Wyoming. Cubin is clearly more interested in corporate interests than she is interested in the family farms and ranchers of Wyoming.

Rep. Cubin voted against an amendment to the House energy bill, the one she touts as 'great' for the people of Wyoming, that would of protected the property rights of Wyoming ranchers and farmers. The Udall amendment would of required mutual agreements between the surface owners and the drilling companies prior to drilling. This would have provided the surface land owners with more control over what happens on the surface land, which they own. But rather than "watching out for the Wyoming rancher", Rep. Cubin has basically stripped them of their property rights. Ironically, in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling on eminent domain, Rep. Cubin stated on her website:

"The government should be protecting private property rights, not threatening them…The can of worms this decision opens is outrageous," she continued. "Any of our homes could now be taken by local governments and turned over to corporate developers under the cover of 'economic growth.' Congress has the ability to address this matter with legislation, and that is an avenue we must consider in the wake of this decision."

If I may point out – Congress has HAD the opportunity to address this matter with legislation and Rep. Cubin, you sided not with the private property owners but voted to turn property owner lands over to corporate developers under the cover of 'economic growth'. Well done Representative, well done.

Too bad a rancher can't have it both ways as well. Wyoming residents should demand an explanation.


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